head injury/concussion

'Following a head injury, I was suffering from prolonged concussion. I had attended a concussion clinic for 10 month. I found I was not improving and the constant headaches and nausea were quite debilitating.

I continued to see a Physio for 6 month to no avail. I was sure I would be suffering for the rest of my life.

Inga was recommended to me and I promptly made and appointment. After a couple of treatments, I could see an improvement. I saw Inga for 6 treatments and am so pleased to say I have had no headaches or nausea for 5 month.

Inga is amazing, she is calm and caring and very experienced in her field of treatment. I cannot thank Inga enough for enabling my body to repair and feel well again.

I would recommend Inga to anyone and everyone and I will not hesitate to see her for again for a maintenance treatment.

Thank you Inga.'

(Donna December 2021)

support and concussion

'Inga has been an amazing support to me and my family. I always benefit from treatments and her commitment to the client is always over and above the norm. She truly cares and loves what she does and the results I have experienced have changed my approach to any treatments I use.

Recently I had a concussion and found it quite difficult to recover and after some treatments I almost immediately felt my body repair itself. The investment in treatment has saved me so much time, money and not at last discomfort.

I would highly recommend having a treatment and experience it for yourself, it will speak for it self.'

(Carol 2020)

post traumatic stress

‘Since the start of the 2010 quakes and the combined stress of living in Canterbury I found I was living in a hyper-alert state and was continually on edge directly impacting on the way I lived my life and attitude to others.

After a series of treatments with Inga I noticed that I was becoming more settled and my sleep patterns had improved - so no longer had the 4.35am wake up joint that had been a nightly occurrence since September 4th.

My body is more in alignment and I am not so stressed. I would recommend Inga’s treatments as they are non-invasive.’

(MC – Cli)

 migraines and headaches

'I have suffered from debilitating migraines and headaches associated with my period for over 10 years. None of the medical treatments that I tried worked so in the end, I just put up with them and took vast amounts of pain relief and time off work to cope.' 

I have been seeing Inga for craniosacral therapy for the last 5 months on the recommendation of a friend and results have been remarkable. My migraines and headaches have reduced significantly and are now nearly non existent and my quality of life has improved considerably. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Inga to anyone and can't thank her enough for her help.'


knee - sports injury - Team New Zealand

'I had a full thickness tear of both medial and posterior cruciate ligaments (knee), over a year ago now. Inga treated me at first two to three times a week and then gradually down to once a week. I was off work for a month, as my job requires driving and in a knee brace for two weeks. I credit Inga with my total recovery to the point that now I am representing NZ at the Rollerderby World Cup in Dallas, Texas in December this year. I will never regain the broken ligaments, however Inga has helped my body to heal and compensate the best it can. Ongoing treatments for various other bumps and bruises are also keeping me fit, healthy and competitive at 40 years old.'


concussion - post traumatic stress

‘I was diagnosed and treated for concussion with some immediate relief following an accident but I continued to tire easily when confronted with any tasks requiring concentration.

6 years later I meet Inga who suggested I see her. I was very doubtful of any help as I had accepted and made changes to accommodate my present life.

However following a year of treatment an unexpected but noticeable reversal of traumas occurred. It happened like this  - The increasing panic attacks related to the Christchurch earthquakes declined, sleep quality improved and finally an improvement in my ability to concentrate.

I am grateful to Inga who with her gentle holistic therapy has been able to give back to me a life I thought I had lost; to begin studying again part time and loving life once more.'

(Glenys R/N, Midwife)

dizzyness and nausea

‘My wife suggested I book a treatment session with Inga as I had been suffering from dizzy spells and nausea which we felt doctors weren't understanding or diagnosing correctly. I have had two sessions and have not experienced any further dizziness or nausea since. I don't fully understand what Inga does, but can highly recommend her treatments and I will have no hesitation in returning to her should my symptoms reappear. And you know what, best of all its totally natural and requires no medication.’


health support 

Inga is a rare treasure.  She is genuinely warm, caring and intuitive.

Not many health professionals know how to truly listen.  Inga does and she listens on many levels which is reflected in her healing practice.

Inga helped me get my health back again which I am so very grateful for.

I  couldn’t have been in more caring hands. Thanks Inga.

(G.B. Christchurch)

pain and weakness in arm and sacroiliac joint after injury 

'I loved going to see Inga for craniosacral therapy. Inga took the time to listen to me and hear my concerns. She provided such a gentle healing space and atmosphere that the worries of my world dropped away when I was in the therapy room. I felt entirely safe. This enabled me to tune into the wisdom of my body as Inga guided me in this discovery.'